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June 2, 2014

A mob of blacks in Manchester -- described as Muslims -- prompted a young white lad to defend the honor of his sister. When he did, the entire mob piled on him.

Big mistake.

Within moments a group of British onlookers came to his defense; some were military personnel, reports say.

The diversity dance was caught on CCTV (security video) and police are studying it to find some evidence of white racism, no doubt.

According to a report from Britain First:

Street thugs attack English lads, get thumped then cry racist to gain support of other thugs, however, our lads (some off duty Army), were more than a match for this gang of bullies.. 16 of the 'peaceful religion' beat an English man to a pulp as he tried to defend his sister before the bulldogs got the upper hand and showed how we roll when pushed too far.

The Manchester Evening News, however, wanted us to suspect racism was the culprit:

Police are probing whether the mass brawl which erupted in Piccadilly Gardens was racially motivated.

Officers attended shortly after the fighting had stopped, at around 3pm on Saturday.

They say there were no reports of any injuries, either to those involved or passers by.

However detectives have now launched an investigation into the trouble and say they will scour CCTV footage in a bid to track down the culprits.

The probe will also include looking into whether the trouble was racially motivated.

Chief Inspector Faz Zaman, from GMP’s North Manchester Division, said: “This was a serious disturbance that took place in front of shoppers and families.

“It is completely unacceptable that anyone believes they can behave in this way in the middle of a busy city centre.

“There is no evidence that this was a pre-planned fight.

“I have now put together a team of detectives to go through all available evidence, including CCTV footage, and to follow-up on inquiries.

Witnesses are asked to call police on 0161 856 3221 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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  1. Perhaps along with the blacks, they need to take down the media........Wouldn't that be a novel situation?

  2. Good job mates! This is going to happen here in the states too. These minorities are taking this gang crap too damn far. It must stop or we will stop it!

  3. Awesome - seeing white men stand up!

  4. It's been going on here a while now. Most will ignore it until they become victims.

  5. Cleaning up the streets, nice work.

    "Diversity" is a code word for White GENOCIDE.

  6. people in the us need to learn from these guys

  7. GOOD GOING BRITS!...Take back YOUR country!

  8. Hurray for the Brits. Keep up the good job.

  9. muzzie's need to stay in their own filth infested countries,they are civil enough to live around whites.

  10. Why, oh why, can't Americans do the same thing. We have feral negroes running loose and anyone who opposes unlawful and disorder is called a racist and they don't fight back.

  11. now if only the Brits would run the muslims out of the country before they take it over...

  12. The brawl happened in Manchester NOT London as the headline above states. Manchester is in the North West of England.

  13. Good for you Brits. Now if only the USA would follow suite.

  14. We are at war wake white people, stop bowing to political correctness and take your country back. They have their own, send them back, in pieces if they wish.

  15. Great job. Cousins. Hello from America.

  16. in the US its much worse. the only difference is that almost all of us carry guns. its only a matter of time before these nig nogs get what they are asking for

  17. Great Job, take back your Country.
    I am from Germany and we have the same Problems, let us fight together to save our European Culture!

  18. They do it right!White British people help white British people!
    Greetings from Germany!

  19. Well done. We dutch could use a lesson or two from you.
    And remember, when you are a minority in their countries, you would have been slaughtered.

  20. Great work!
    that was an answer "of peace!" :D

    cheerz from germany!

  21. whe should do it all whe have the same trouble here in belgium 2. whe have to punish them all

  22. The lad was lucky, these thugs always go in team handed, they usually pick their 'own areas' to jump on lone white boys. Seems they mis-calculated this time and got a well deserved kicking. Cowards !

  23. I'm all for multiculturalism, the problem however is that when two cultures clash on certain issues, one has to back down.
    For example if one culture likes their women wearing miniskirts and the other deems that as a feesible excuse for raping the women, well, one of the two will have to back down - and since for the one group it is God's will that the women get raped, obviously this leaves the other group having to either adapt or kick the fools out of their country...
    Thus, there is only one solution to this and it will come in time: the destruction of this hate-driven ideology that is falsely called a religion - my personal favorite scenario incorporates a thermonuclear strike on that ancient pagan site called Meccah. Just wait and see how "morally clean" these people are in their hearts when their bullshit hoax religion crumbles.

  24. I don't see any evidence that these people were Muslim. Seems like a mischievous embellishment.